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Take the time to gather great content

You need a website to show your new business to the world, but are you prepared? Do you have content at the ready for wp500 to use to build your 5-page, 10-post website?

Recognizing the need for content ready is a vital first step

Experience tells us that many clients are not well prepared for the important task of writing content, taking photographs, and generally gathering and organizing the content that will go into their new website. These tasks are a vital first step towards creating a typical website. With this in mind, wp500 suggests that the second thought you have after the initial thought of “I need a website” should be “therefore, I need to begin generating and collecting content”.

Generating your content is the tough next step

The next step once you know you want great content for your new website, you’ll to generate (write, yikes!) text files that describe every facet of your business, and collect the images and videos you’ll need to present your business to the world. From wp500‘s point of view, this is a hard but necessary core task that every new website owner-to-be must at least consider if not undertake before commissioning us to build a beautiful website.

Getting help from wp500 with that content is a natural next step

The hardest part of this tough task is writing about your business. For the majority of people, it really takes work to sit down and write about your business, and then edit your notes down into an organized message. Images are comparatively easy to collect and organize. Not surprisingly, more than 60% of all new wp500 clients have little written content about their business, their products, their philosophy, mission and goals. This is a problem our copy writing expert can help you with. Working with you, our copy writer can help craft a clear concise message for your audience, where the content of each page and post is optimized for the search engines that reward (with higher visibility) well-written and logically presented content.

Get started on your role in a website project by gathering great content today!

wp500 suggests that the second thought you have after "I need a website" should be " I need to begin generating and collecting content

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