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On this page we present a selection of our recent website design projects and take a dive into what was involved in each project. Our goal in briefly analyzing each project is to show potential clients like you what a typical website building project involves. As you’ll see, some projects were complex and more expensive, requiring features like e-commerce functions, while most projects, particularly those where our clients were fully prepared with ready-to-place content, aligned more with our model of building quality websites for those on a tight budget. Check out this sample of our website design projects deconstructed and feel confident that wp500 is the best choice to build your next dream website using Elementor Pro and Powerpack For Elementor.

Amati Brands

Harrison Home Inspections


Athletic Endeavours

Remembering Louise

Tri Coach Vancouver

Vancouver E-bike Adventures

Alterra Mining Inc.

Craig Newsholme, Realtor

Ping Pong In Vancouver

Schönmarke VQA Icewines

Windermere Fitness Park

Alan Boden Counselling Services

Magic Places

Do you like what you see?

By analyzing the tasks involved in designing some of our website projects, we hope to demonstrate that wp500 is your best choice when it comes to a new business website, event website, or personal website. We are, first and foremost, easy to work with and connect with. There’ll be no surprises. Your entire website design project is handled expeditiously from start to finish by one skilled web design professional who you can reach immediately with any concerns, changes, ideas, etc. you might have. How great is that?

Design and host with wp500 and get 1/2 hour of FREE website design each month. We can take your content and design a spread to get you started on a beautiful post to promote your next great idea.