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FAQs about working with wp500

In the spirit of good business karma, wp500 wants potential clients like you to be informed about how we operate and know what to expect before you hire us to build your new website. To assist in that endeavour, we have prepared a FAQs page, a listing of commonly asked questions and answers to those questions.

What is wp500's business model?

Our business model is quite simple. Starting at $500, wp500 uses your organized content and builds you a 5 page, 10 post WordPress Elementor Pro website that you can manage yourself. We equip it with Powerpack For Elementor Pro, a suite of design tools giving you unlimited presentation possibilities when it comes to adding impactful to new content.

We then host your new website for $20 bucks per month or $240 per year. You pay for the first year as your website goes live, and then once per year on that anniversary. Hosting includes: Google web analytics, security monitoring, theme and plugin updates, and daily backups of your website.

To reward your trust in wp500, we add 1/2 hour of FREE website design each month! It is our hope this free design time will encourage you to regularly generate new content for your website. New content will always attract customers and can generate revenue.

What do I get for my $500?

For your hard-earned $500, you’ll start with a website consisting of 5 pages and 10 posts, and, to accomplish the build, you get the undivided attention of a project manager, a professional website designer with a broad skillset who will oversee every aspect of designing your new website. Your project manager will be available via phone or email throughout the duration of the build. From your end: you’ll be providing your project manager with content. If you need help generating content, your project manager will be able to help you create content from your notes for a fee.

What if my website requires more than 5 pages and 10 posts?

Simple. Let wp500 know and we will build the additional pages and/or additional posts for you. We charge from $50 to $100 per page or post depending on the complexity. 

Do I have some work to do to prepare for my new website?

Yes, we both have work to do to create your beautiful new website. Before wp500 begins the work, you’ll need to prepare for your website by writing about your business, gathering text and image files. You’ll want to plan out your pages, make sure you’ve got vector files of your logo and other design elements. If you need help with any of these tasks, wp500 can help you. We offer professional graphic design, copy writing and photographic services for our low hourly rate of $50 er hour.

How do I get my website content files to wp500?

wp500 uses Dropbox, a popular a file hosting service, to share files with our website clients. Once our project gets underway, we will create a website project folder and share it with you. Say goodbye to emailed project files. All files related to our work together will be immediately available to you and us through this folder.

After wp500 builds my website, do you also host it?

Yes. We host your new website for $20 bucks per month ($240 per year). You pay for the first year as your website goes live, and then once per year on that anniversary. Hosting includes: Google web analytics, security monitoring, theme and plugin updates, daily backups of your website, and of course, you get 1/2 hour of FREE website design time each month! Use our design time to help you create an awesome post to announce a new product. Anything’s possible and we get you started!

What's this about FREE design time each month?

wp500 really appreciates and believes in our clients. We want to see your website succeed as a vehicle driving your business’s success. To encourage you to regularly generate engaging and monetizing new content for your website, wp500 offers 1/2 hour of free design time each month to get you started. Promote a product or event, create a new photo gallery, get an important message out.

Do I manage my website once it's live?

Yes, and we make it easy for you! wp500 builds you a WordPress Elementor Pro website that you can manage yourself. By “manage”, we mean you’ll be able to develop your new website further by adding content regularly. This requires a basic working knowledge of WordPress and the elegant and intuitive Elementor Pro builder interface. Fortunately, there is an awesome Youtube channel devoted to helping you with every tiny detail Elementor Pro. While you’re busy generating new content, wp500 is busy behind the scenes ensuring your website is safe and secure through our hosting service. This includes managing your website’s security, backups, and updates 24/7/365 so you won’t have to.

What if I don't have the time or knowledge to manage my website?

No problem. wp500 estimates that around 60% of our business website customers do not to directly manage their own websites, choosing instead to have us develop new posts and pages and perform other changes on their behalf. These clients typically provide us with notes, images, and instructions and we create the beautiful and engaging post or page from $50 to $100 per page or post depending on the complexity.

How much does wp500 charge for ongoing website development?

wp500 offers a (ridiculously) low hourly rate of $50 per hour for our clients for all of the services we offer.

These include website development (ie. create pages, posts from your content, perform SEO, and other website design work); copy writing (ie. SEO-friendly writing for pages and posts and other marketing ventures); photography and photo editing, and general graphic design (ie. logo design and branding, web and print projects).

Can wp500 help me with my other business-related design projects?

Yes, absolutely! wp500 can design anything in print (or for the web) to serve our website customers. We believe it’s best to be there to design all of a client’s marketing projects over time to protect and project a consistent brand. To make it even easier to work with us, wp500 offers a bargain rate of $50 per hour for all of our services.

What other services does wp500 offer?

wp500 offers a complete range of web and print design services for our website clients at a low hourly rate of $50 per hour. These include:

Web design (ie. pages, posts, headers, online ads, etc.)
Print design (ie. anything, yes, anything in print large or small) 
Copy writing (ie. creating SEO your napkin notes or point form list 
Photography and Photo editing
Website SEO

How do I pay wp500 for your work?

Once we have provided a quote and you have agreed to let us create your website, wp500 will ask you for a $200 non-refundable e-transfer deposit, with the remaining balance due once your website goes live.

Is there any fine-print to be aware of?

wp500 thrives on our honest reputation and our devotion to customer service. We use this article from the Elementor team to help our clients understand what should be included in a website design project. We use this contract template as a starting point for our website design clients

What if I want an e-commerce store or a complex website?

wp500 can create that e-commerce shop for you! Obviously, we’re looking at more than 5 pages and 10 posts so we would discuss your needs and provide a quote. We use WooCommerce in combination with Elementor Pro to build stunning online stores, like this.

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