What’s a page when it comes to YOUR website?

Well, quite simply, a page is a container for displaying your critical content. But beyond simplicity, a page is limitless and can be very complex depending on the presentation requirements of your content.

A page can display really large or comparatively small amounts of content: text content, images and multi-media content. Think about your pages-to-be, and check out the myriad ways you’re able to display your content when you work with WordPress and wp500.

A page transcends the physical boundaries of a real piece of paper but a web page is organized as you’d organize regular information on paper. For example, headings – h1, h2, h3, h4, etc. – present main ideas in their order of importance. A paragraph following a heading expands on the idea or thought presented in the heading. The more logically organized your written information, the easy it is for the world to find you. Google search algorithms reward logically presented, original content (this describes your content, right?) and actually punishes copied or plagiarized content.

Think long and hard about what the world needs to know about you and your business. Compile this information and organize it logically in order of importance. Collect images, take photographs, that represent your business. Make a video(s) to describe in detail some super-marketable aspect(s) of your business or product. Our best work here at wp500 has always been for clients who were the best prepared. Clients who had really worked at gathering content before making that will eventually land you an amazing, custom WordPress website for $500.

FYI, the most important pages to include in every website:

Home page:
WHY? – Every website has a home page where the most important information (content) about you and your business is displayed as the first point of contact with your clients-to-be. Put your best face forward with wp500!

About page:
WHY? – It’s your best opportunity to tell the world all about you, your business, your history, your future and your promises to them as customers-to-be.

Contact page:
WHY? – Do we need to say anything about the important need to reach your business quickly and efficiently? We thought not. Use your contact page as a vehicle for the best, the most informed, first connection with clients-to-be.

A Blog page:
WHY – Think of a Blog page as a page where most of your newly posted information accrues. Informative posts about sales, about events, about what’s going on in your business or life. The so-called Blog page is where new content is aggregated and displayed for the world to see. It’s your websites’s bulletin board.

The Fifth Page: ?
What will you use your last page for? Food for thought… But remember, though, you can have as many pages as you want when wp500 designs your custom WordPress website. Each additional page beyond the 5 included pages is $100. What will you use the last page for?

Want to learn about Posts and how they differ from Pages?

What’s described above is our basic package of 5 pages. If you need more than 5 pages and 10 posts, the cost is $100 per extra page and $50 per extra post. If you need a greater complexity and many more pages and posts, like a full on e-commerce store, we do that, too.

As your custom WordPress website designer, wp500 will deliver the website of your dreams. Let’s talk.