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Along with 5 pages, wp500‘s basic $500 WordPress website includes up to 10 beautifully designed posts to get you started.

As you know, a website consists of two types of “content containers”, pages and posts, to display your information to viewers.

A post is a container for new content you add to your website. It’s time-dependent content, often urgent like a promo for a product or event, or an article that your audience needs to read now, like a promotion, an announcement, a new staff member, or a sale. Posts are organized by date into categories and often displayed on pages with names like Blog or Archive.

Posts, like pages, can be styled in a million ways but always the goal is to be visually appealing to engage viewers and communicate clearly. That’s our primary task here at wp500. We shape your text and image content into great looking posts and pages designed to inform and engage your viewers.

The important question for you is: What will you include in your 10 posts? Plan now for each post so your content will be ready to go when you hire wp500 to build your website.

Pages versus Posts

A WordPress website consists of pages and posts. Pages and posts are built to contain information – text and images – styled to engage your viewers. Pages are more permanent and unchanging containers: About Us, Contact, Blog page. Pages also contain posts, sequestered according to date and category. Posts are containers for all the new and timely information you’ll want to present to your viewers, such as a new sale, a new product, an event or announcement, and they are assigned a category and organized according to the category they fall under. Pages and posts can be styled in a million ways to be visually appealing to engage viewers. That’s our primary task here at wp500. We shape your text and image content into great looking pages and posts designed to inform and engage your viewers.

Here's a Page

A page is a container for relatively unchanging, time-independent content, like a Contact page, an About Us page, or a Blog page (where posts are sequestered).

Here's a Post

A post, on the other hand, is a container for time-dependent content, new information or articles that are important now, like a promotion, an event, an announcement, or a sale. Posts, like the sample above, are organized by date into categories and displayed on pages. The post above is displayed in the upper corner on the page of web design projects, seen on the left.

What will you focus on with your 10 posts?

As your website grows over time, nearly all new content will be added in the form of a post. Create a post to promote a sale. Create a post to advertise a new product, or to publicize a new staff member joining the team. Here are some common reasons to create a new post.

Build your target audience:
Let’s say you’re a new mom and you want to create website where you can post information daily, weekly or monthly to your target audience of other mothers. Use some or all of your 10 posts to create blog entries on a variety of topics that would be interest moms of newborns.

Build your professional credibility:
Let’s say you’re a licensed home inspector. Use some or all of your 10 posts to build on your credibility. Write a series of posts on a variety of common household problems and solutions to these problems.

Show your skills:
Let’s say you’re a kitchen renovation specialist. Use some or all of your 10 posts to highlight your recent projects. Each post can be complete with before and after pictures, and a message about the quality of your work.

Feature your products:
You’re a small business in east Vancouver hoping to sell online hand-made, functional, everyday products made from recycled local materials. Use your 10 posts to feature each of your products in detail: images, text, and even a video that describes the creative process involved in each product.

Use your imagination:
As an information container, a post can include any combination of text, images, and video, etc. about a product, an event, an idea. It is limited only by your imagination. As you think about preparing your content for us to work with, consider how you can use your 10 post containers to clarify your message, build your professional credibility, showcase your products and reach your target audience.

As your custom WordPress website designer, wp500 will deliver the website of your dreams. Let’s talk.

Go with wp500 and get 1/2 hour of FREE website design each month. We will take your content and create a beautiful post to promote your next great idea

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