The Power Tools Included in our Rocket Hosting Plan:

"I could not live with out these tools!"

Valentine Henderson, On Da Grine TV

After it’s been created, your website deserves the best WordPress-dedicated hosting.

wp500’s Rocket Hosting Plan is the answer.

This plan includes secure, fast SSL hosting, daily back-ups, daily updates and 24/7/365 monitoring, and a number of other features.

But, there’s more –

The jewel of the Rocket Hosting Plan is the inclusion of a suite of powerful tools that we would consider, from our years of collective experience, to be indispensable for a serious WordPress website. Tools that provide the power to style and present, tools to collect information, tools to make your website load ultra-fast, tools to help you create and tell your story, and a myriad of tools that make your website future-ready. Each of these tools is considered the best of its kind. Each tool gets the job done and each tool is accessible: allowing YOU the website owner to make your ideas a visual experience for your viewer.

"I can work on my website like a Pro"

Sue Simmier, TSI Print Solutions


"I love the free 1/2 hour of design!"

Guillermo Veloterra, Photographer


Here are the WordPress tools you get: