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Offering a knowledgable helping hand, being that understanding person at the other end of the phone, another problem solved, and future problems prevented. This describes the daily routine in tech support at wp500, home of the $500 custom WordPress website.

Let wp500 help you with that problem or answer that question

We get it. You’re great at running your sneaker business, or spinning a yarn eloquently in your knitting blog, but you may not be completely comfortable managing certain aspects of your WordPress website. That’s where wp500 comes in with an understanding helping hand. As a website client, when you have a problem or a question, contact us and wp500 will respond quickly by phone or email to provide answers or assistance.

Our strategy when providing tech support for clients like you is to assist, educate and empower. We assist you expeditiously with your concerns; we offer tips and techniques to avoid a repeat of the problem or issue; and overall we strive to empower you to feel confident when working with your website. Problems overcome become little victories. Each little victory builds confidence. When our clients are more confident, they become less dependant on us over time, and more capable of solving issues as they gain experience and build familiarity with WordPress.

Tech support queries at wp500 are responded to expeditiously, met with understanding and empathy, and solved with education and client empowerment

Home of the $500 Custom WordPress Website
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