SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Anyone learning about managing their WordPress website will want to learn all about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, or more precisely, how to be found on that first page of a Google search.

Ensuring that your website appears in a search starts with great content and is enhanced by the logical mark-up and presentation of your content. Beyond your content and its presentation, optimizing getting found includes using SEO tools like Yoast for WordPress to further mark-up your content with behind-the-scenes (meta) tags and information, often unseen by the viewer but acting like a beacon to draw the attention of search engines.

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WPBeginner, one of the best resources for anyone wanting to learn about WordPress,  has created this excellent guide to SEO:

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The infographic below, based on Google’s leaked Quality Rater Guidelines, illustrates how the concept of “quality content” positively influences Google searches. The infographic is from an article in Forbes (August 2014), titled “The 12 Essential Elements Of High-Quality Content”, that explores how well-written and well-presented content is rewarded or favoured by search engines. This is great news for anyone who has put a lot of work into preparing great content.

Being found by your clients in the vastness of the internet begins with creating great, relevant content. It continues with and is enhanced by putting work into thorough SEO markup for each page and post on your website. wp500’s SEO services do just that: we “SEO” each page and post of your website using Yoast’s powerful SEO analysis and mark-up tool for WordPress to make sure that the meta data associated with each page and post draws the attention of search engines like a moth to a flame.