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Remembering Louise website

Client's review

Our mom had passed away without a big service. We wanted to create a website where Louise’s friends could visit to pay their respects. Thanks sincerely to wp500 for creating this little shrine to our mom.

Cyndy Huygens, Louise's daughter, rating our work:

Remembering Louise, a memorial website to a mother, sister and friend was our most endearing project to date. Louise’s family wanted to create a modest website in memory of their mother that was  full of images of a life lived well. I think wp500 did a pretty good job of meeting the family’s wishes.

What components did this website project involve?
Base fee for up to 5 pages and 10 posts$500
Build additional pages and or postsn/a
Design (logo design, branding design, graphic design)n/a
Copy writing servicesn/a
Photographic servicesn/a
SEO servicesn/a
Build e-commerce storen/a