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Ongoing website development

Your 5 page and 10 post WordPress website will grow substantially over the years as you add new content. While you may need to create the occasional new page, over time most new content will be added to your website in the form of time-dependent posts to promote or highlight elements of your business.

Let wp500 build your next revenue-generating post

Our clients typically love the websites we’ve created for them. Many choose to commission wp500 to create weekly or monthly posts. These clients decide what they need to promote. They prepare notes, often in point form, along with images, and then send us the raw content from which to build a beautiful and engaging post. By the way, we make it easy to post regularly by offering our website clients one half-hour of free design time each month for hosting their website with us.

Often the intent of a new post is to encourage viewers to buy a product, signup for a class, or attend an event. wp500 makes it easy to move forward on a revenue-generating post by charging our website clients a flat rate of $100 per page or post. The amount of money typically generated by such a post ranges from 5 to 20 times the cost to create it. Plan carefully, know your target audience, and be confident in knowing you have a winning product, event or class.

Invest in your new business website regularly. Add revenue-generating content weekly or monthly. Leave the design to wp500 and generate 10 times more revenue than the cost of your post.

Home of the $500 Custom WordPress Website
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