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We do graphic design for web and print

wp500 is the website building division of Willworks Design Solutions, a one person design studio specializing in digital graphic design and branding launched in 1997. Printed media was the dominant form of advertising in those days and wp500 was busy designing everything from logos, brochures and business documents, to catalogues, magazine spreads, posters, trade-show booths, wall-sized graphics and more. Everything wp500 created for our print clients had to be technically perfect before being sent out for printing. It was a stressful time when errors had expensive consequences, and were nearly impossible to correct once a file had gone to print. There were sleepless nights. In today’s digital world, we design online catalogues where errors can be corrected anytime one is detected, and updates to content and pricing are always possible anytime.

Graphic design for websites

wp500 still enjoys designing printed materials but these days 80% or more of our graphic design business involves creating content for websites. Instead of magazine spreads, we build eye-popping homepage hero images and page/post headers for our website clients. The economy of this efficiency cannot be overstated. wp500 helps website owners go quickly and inexpensively from one product or marketing focus on their homepage to something completely different. Indeed, your next social media campaign, whose purpose is to direct viewers to your website will rely on strong visual content at the end point to reward and engage your audience. wp500 build that engaging header, page or post for you. For an in-depth view of current wp500‘s website design, check out this page.

Graphic design for online advertising

Many wp500 website clients need marketing materials for online purposes once they have a website-based business to promote. These typically include online ads designed to fit industry standard sizes (in pixels) –

120×60 – Button
120×600 – Skyscraper
125×125 – Button, two
160×600 – Skyscraper, two
300×250 – Med. Rectangle (MPU)
300×50 – Mobile Banner
300×600 – Monster MPU
300×1050 – Portrait
320×100 – Large Mobile Banner
320×480 – Mobile Interstitial
320×50 – Mobile Leaderboard
336×280 – Large Rectangle
468×60 – Banner
728×90 – Leaderboard
970×250 – Billboard
970×90 – Super Leaderboard

In addition to these standard sizes, wp500 builds ad groupings like page takeovers and non-standard sized online ads to spec so any size is possible. Click on any of the ad samples on the right to view.

Graphic design for print

The majority of wp500 clients are new businesses who may also need a logo and branding, as well as other marketing materials such as business cards, letterhead, forms, banners, posters, pull-up banners, trade show booths, wall-sized designs (like the before and after sample below), brochures, catalogues and the like. With more than 25 years of experience designing and preparing files for print, and liaising with seasoned experts in the printing trade, wp500 knows how to go from an image on the computer screen to a great looking poster, brochure or catalogue. Many website design agencies eschew print projects but to us, it’s only natural to be there for our customers by being good at both print and web design.


Below are some samples of wp500 print design projects, big and small:


wp500 is located in Vancouver BC Canada

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