Content Is Everything!

OK – here it is – the biggest stumbling block when it comes to creating a fabulous WordPress website – even at the ridiculously low price of $500!

The problem is content. Or more specifically, the inability to provide content with which to build their website.

We cannot tell you how many projects fizzle out before they begin. Why? Because, after that first contact with wp500, where clients are charged with the task of gathering enough critical content to fill a website (the one we are about to design for them), somehow, for some reason, they are unable to  follow through with it with real commitment. The opportunity for a great website begins to slip away because of a reluctance or genuine inability to write a few paragraphs about one’s business venture, event or project. It’s true: this pattern is all too common.

Fortunately, it’s a stumbling block that can easily be side-stepped by hiring a copy-writer or by simply asking someone you know who is a decent writer to craft a few lines about the different facets of your business. This could be a friend, spouse or other family member – anyone familiar with your business, your brand, and most of all, familiar with you.

If a solution to writing woes is not easy to find, we can help you craft your message. Meet with your Project Manager by phone, email or Skype, to discuss what it is we should know about the great things your business does, what it stands for, and where it’s going.

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