Craig Newsholme, Realtor

Craig Newsholme is a Vancouver realtor who, among many other ventures, specializes in land assembly in the Cambie Corridor. Craig needed a concise, new website to focus on this venture, and he needed printed collaterals, all with the same look ... Read more

Alan Boden Counselling Services

Alan Boden is a counsellor specializing in family, individual and couples counselling, based in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Alan wanted to avoid the general hyperbole of most mental health counsellor websites, choosing instead to focus on a relaxing, natural, setting where ... Read more

Remembering Louise

Remembering Louise, a memorial website to a mother, sister and friend was our most endearing project to date. Louise's family wanted to create a spartan website in memory of their mother devoid of any sort of "ta-da!" but full of images of a life lived placed ... Read more

It was pretty easy to take this huge collection of images and shape it into a Wordpress website that shouts photography. WP500 used the Kingsize Wordpress theme by OWM Labs, a photography-specific theme to create something really nice. Explore The ... Read more

Perform Better Australia

Competing with a number of domestic competitors, Perform Better Australia commissioned WP500 to remake a bland Shopify website with bright, colourful and motivational graphics and content to emphasize their functional fitness products and trainer certification services. Explore training and products ... Read more