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Client's review

Have you ever visited the website of a registered clinical counsellor? Well, I wanted a website that was just the opposite of the hyperbole I see in the websites of my peers. William listened and went to work. Thanks for the care you put into this project, Will!

Alan Boden's rating:

Alan Boden is a counsellor specializing in family, individual and couples counselling, based in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Alan wanted to avoid the general hyperbole of most mental health counsellor websites, choosing instead to focus on a relaxing, natural, setting where readers are simply free to read about Alan’s services without distraction. Calm, open, inviting, humble. The website is an accurate reflection of its owner.

What components did this website project involve?
Base fee for up to 5 pages and 10 posts$500
Build additional pages and or postsn/a
Design (logo design, branding design, graphic design)$200
Copy writing servicesn/a
Photographic servicesn/a
SEO servicesn/a
Build e-commerce storen/a